Desktop Drum Set May Drive Your Coworkers Bonkers

Desktop Drum Set Will Drive Your Coworkers Bonkers

The Desktop Drum Set looks tiny on the table, but make no mistake: it can perform the mightiest of headache-inducing thumpings your cubicle-sharing coworker could have ever imagined. He or she will think twice before stealing your stapler or making you listen to that Pandora station crafted around the works of 4 Non Blondes, Creed, and Tiny Tim all day long again. [Image shared by Amazon]
Drums, in the right hands, can be a powerful backbone to any musical endeavor. In the wrong hands, drums can be a powerful nuisance to anyone who yearns for silence or, at the very basest level of audial decency, a steady beat. So consider the gravity of the Desktop Drum Set and the ways in which it can be wielded: is it a widget or a weapon? I guess it depends on the people within immediate proximity to you on a daily basis and if you consider them to be friends or foes, no?

Everybody knows that a noisy noise annoys an oyster. But what kind of noise best gets the goat of an annoying coworker? I think we have our answer here.

The Desktop Drum Set is Bigger Than It Looks

The first photos I saw of the Desktop Drum Set made it appear to be much smaller than it really is. So I ventured around the Amazon website and found the photo (featured above) that was more representative of the size. Compared to the coffee cup and book with pencil pictured along with the Desktop Drum Set, one can easily observe that this drum set is no miniature. Here’s a video that further demonstrates its scale with a toddler (and helper) behind the sticks.

The Desktop Drum Set is:

  • a great-looking desktop accessory.
  • functionally fun.
  • one metal cymbal, one 6″ tom tom drum, and two 4.5″ tom tom drums, and it also includes drumsticks and a drum stand.
  • capable of delivering vibrant drum sounds.
  • Able to be assembled without tools.

Will Make a Great Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

Even if we’re not dead set on counter-annoying the difficult people in our lives with the Desktop Drum Set, perhaps we seek to gratify the ones whose only crime is being impossible to shop for. It seems that these people have everything they need and buying them a present is always problematic. So just when you think you have run out of ideas, up pops this perfect gift that most of us don’t already own. This realistic set of drums can take a beating and still keep on playing — adding years of enjoyment to any desktop.

The novelty of this Desktop Drum Set cannot be underestimated. This ornate, fully functional, playable, and fun drum set will dress up any desktop.

Get your own Desktop Drum Set and watch the reactions you get!