Duct Tape Drink Koozie Fixes Your Cold Drink Problem

Duct Tape Drink Koozie Keeps Drinks Cold
The Duct Tape Drink Koozie keeps your drinks ice cold in the spirit of our favorite silver adhesive for which no task is impossible! [Image shared by Amazon]
Is there anything in the world that a dab of duct tape won’t fix? From covering up rust holes in cars well past their prime to keeping two pieces of something firmly in place, duct tape is the cover-all solution to an infinite variety of problems that the contents of a toolbox won’t always solve.

Here’s a drink holder that addresses the importance — and resilience — of duct tape to the everyday, blue collar lady or gent who would rather have the practical solution at hand and get on with their day than worry about expensive fixes that ultimately do the same thing. Here, I present to you the Duct Tape Drink Koozie.

Proudly proclaiming that “Real Men Use Duct Tape,” this drink cooler only looks like it’s crafted from the ubiquitous silver adhesive that we all love, but it’s actually made with durable foam that helps your drink maintain its intended temperature.

Duct Tape Drink Koozie is a Handyman/Handywoman’s Best Friend

Duct tape has been around since World War II, when it was used to seal ammunition cans. And try not to make too much fun of someone who calls it “Duck” tape, because there actually is a brand of duct tape that goes by that name. As not all tissue is Kleenex, not all duct tape is Duck tape — but they’re so common as to be interchangeable terms at this point.

As I mentioned before, duct tape has become a fix-all for even the most by-the-book handymen and women, because it’s so adaptable to an endless variety of problems that he or she might encounter. For instance, last week in my household, the bottom filter door of our vacuum cleaner popped open and there was no way to close it. I had a roll of duct tape and applied a piece to the door, which did its job on the first try and sealed it closed. Problem solved!

So my appreciation of the Duct Tape Drink Koozie is based in real world experience!

Duct Tape Drink Koozie Stands out in a Crowd

Trying to get a gift for that practical friend who has everything? Consider the Duct Tape Drink Koozie. Not only will this keep your gift recipient’s drink nice and cold, but it will also make that drink stand out from the others at his or her birthday party or other upcoming function. Fret not, winter-suffering friends! Summer and all of its warm and lazy barbeques are closer than you think!

Get your own Duct Tape Drink Koozie today!