Zamboni Desk Vacuum Keeps Surfaces Smooth and Clean

Zamboni Desk Vacuum Cleans Up Crumbs and Dust
The Zamboni Desk Vacuum ensures that your working surfaces are smooth and clean — just like the ice rink where your favorite hockey team plays! [Image shared by Amazon]
When a refrigerator industry innovator by the name of Frank J. Zamboni invented the ice resurfacing machine that carries his name, he probably wasn’t aware of how associated that name would become with ice sports played around the world. A hockey game without a Zamboni sighting would be like a visit to Disneyland without seeing Mickey Mouse, am I right?

And when you look at your desk right now, are you okay with it covered in lint, dust, and lunch crumbs, or would a smooth, clean surface be preferable? What if, while watching the hockey game, you could pull out your own miniature Zamboni during halftime and have it maintain your work space in a manner similarly efficient to its big brother resurfacing the ice on television? With the Zamboni Desk Vacuum, this scenario is 100% possible.

It could become a ritual. A tradition. A regular part of the event. And maybe by the time hockey season’s over you’ll be so used to keeping your desk tidy with this little gadget that it’s just second nature with or without a big game to remind you.

Or even the winter Olympics…

Zamboni Desk Vacuum is a Faithful, Functional Recreation of the Real Thing — Only Smaller

The Zamboni Desk Vacuum is a faithful rendering of a real Zamboni all the way down to the brushes under the machine, which actually move. The miniature rendering of the Zamboni is:

  • white and blue in color just like the full Zambonis seen at ice rinks.
  • battery operated.
  • complete with a “snow” dump, steering wheel, and brushes.
  • small enough to fit on any desk.
  • great for any hockey (or figure skating) fan.

With the next Olympics coming soon at Sochi, Russia, we will all see Zambonis in action during the ice skating events.

Quickly Sweep up Desk Spills

This little vacuum cleaner can clean up eraser rubber, crumbs left over from your lunch, plus other pieces of office detritus, which will leave your working space clean and tidy.

How many times have we had to attend to a minor cleanup with gear that’s overpowered for the task at hand? Dragging out the big vacuum cleaner from the closet to vanquish everyday desk debris seems silly.

This Zamboni Desk Vacuum is designed for those minor clean ups that happen on the desktop, or on any surface that requires a small machine for a small job. This Zamboni may be small, but it is mighty.

Get your own Zamboni Desk Vacuum — for yourself or your hockey fanatic friends and family — today!