Happy Man Bottle Stopper is a Real Wine Lover

Happy Man Bottle Stopper is a Real Wine Lover
The Happy Man Bottle Stopper brings the term “wine lover” to a whole new plateau — or depth. We haven’t quite decided yet. [Image shared by Amazon]
Haven’t we all got things that make us happy? And I would say that having a little wine left over once the bottle has been opened is certainly one reason to celebrate. I’m not going to say that I express my gratitude in quite the same way as the Happy Man Bottle Stopper, but my inner 13-year-old can’t help but smile at his quite visible… enthusiasm.

Hey, there are wine lovers, and then there are wine lovers. I won’t judge; I’m not going to rain on anyone’s parade for being happy.

Happy Man Bottle Stopper Is Big on Stopping Power

Those of us who partake in the fermented grape juice known as wine are aware of the problems faced when storing a partially consumed bottle. I have used aluminum foil, pushed the open cork back into the bottle, and I have even tried other wine stoppers, but none of these solutions seem to provide the proper seal — or, if they do, they can sometimes be difficult to remove. I still recall the old, real corks that would sometimes break in two when reused.

Now we have the Happy Man Bottle Stopper:

  • He’s 2.4″ x 3.4″ x 3.2″.
  • His huge appendage will seal most bottles of wine, beer, or other beverage.
  • He makes a great gag gift or bachelorette party favor.
  • He’s recommended for adults only, but just the ones who aren’t too grown up to appreciate his level of humor.

The Happy Man Bottle Stopper Is a Sociology Experiment

Some wine connoisseurs spoil it for the rest of us by taking their hobby to an elitist, snobby level; if you’re ever invited to a wine tasting party by people who take it all a little too seriously, presenting the Happy Man Bottle Stopper to your hosts might help bring some good-natured levity to the occasion. (Or it might get you uninvited to future events, but maybe that would actually be a blessing in disguise.)

But the Happy Man Bottle Stopper doesn’t have to be used strictly for keeping wine safe. He can also put the plug in bottles of beer or other beverages. He’s just happy — really happy — to help.

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