Magnetic Decision Maker Makes Life Easier

Magnetic Decision Maker Makes Life Easier
The Magnetic Decision Maker can make your life easier and save you precious time. [Image shared by Amazon]
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sometimes, life’s decisions don’t come easily or naturally — especially when the consequences for a misstep can be grave. Having to bear these consequences as the direct result of a decision we’ve made can seem unbearable. Case in point: our youngest daughter became engaged last month, and her and her fiancee set the wedding date some 14 months in the future.

During the past 30 days, my wife and I have watched as the future bride and groom have struggled with the decisions that go along with even the earliest stages of wedding planning.

While music will have to be faced no matter who decides to take responsibility for the big decisions, maybe leaving some of those easier choices to a simple-to-use decision-making device such as the Magnetic Decision Maker would help alleviate at least some of the stress involved.

The Magnetic Decision Maker:

  • can help determine your fate when you’re just not up to it.
  • is simple to use; just move the ball and release.
  • selects an answer when the ball comes to a complete stop.
  • will tell you: Maybe, Yes, No Way, Definitely, Ask a Friend, or Try Again.
  • is measured at 5.25″ x 9.5″ x 4″.

Should the Magnetic Decision Maker Really Be Taken Seriously?

This is a great replacement for the old, traditional Magic 8 Ball that you may have used in the past. But the question remains: is this to be taken seriously? Not too seriously. Your highly developed human brain should be able to work out when the Magnetic Decision Maker’s advice falls short before committing its comments to action. But this does make a great toy, office novelty, or gift for the truly indecisive people in your life.

This would also be fun to use at a party where everyone can ask a question or two and decide how accurate or non-accurate the answer is. It’s like a Ouija board without the spooky.

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