Le Geek, C’est Geek – Geek Out! (With Trivia)

Le Geek, C'est Geek - Geek Out with Trivia
Get in touch with — and externalize — your inner geek with the Geek Out! trivia game. [Image shared by Amazon]
Quick! Name two characters from The Matrix! Oh, you can name three? Well, I can name four!

In the trivia game known as Geek Out!, having the answer to a question as asked is only part of the fun. True mastery involves being about to out-geek your friends with answers that go above and beyond the minimal requirements. It’s like being graded on a curve, which should excite the academic geeks among us who were always first to raise their hands in class.

Want to see such a game in action? This video features a Geek Out! session as played by actual geeks (warning: only watch it if you don’t mind the wine-fueled, PG-13 use of a few colorful expletives. Geeks take this kind of thing very seriously, you know?) [courtesy of Rose ‘n’ Jay Play]:

In Geek Out!, the Questions Are Not Easy — and Neither Are the Answers

Sound confusing? Here is one of the sample questions that is asked during the game: “How many sci-fi TV shows and movies can you name that involve teleporting?” For our super geek friends that may be reading this you may think that the answer is a piece of cake. Sure you can name movies like The Fly or the Harry Potter series — maybe even a few television shows like Lost or Fringe, but do you know enough answers to win the round? In the case of this one question alone, I discovered over 40 movies and television programs that feature teleporting in the plot or story line. I am sure if I expanded my search online, I could possibly uncover even more teleporting movies or television shows.

So what do you get for your hard-earned 20 bucks? Geek Out! gives you:

  • a game for mature geeks — or, as the manufacturer recommends, geeks of six years of age or over (even if they happen to act younger when they lose a round).
  • five categories of questions including fantasy, games, science fiction, comic books, and miscellaneous.
  • over 1,000 questions.
  • complete instructions.
  • hours of fun (or frustration, depending on how seriously you take the game).

Steal Your Opponents’ Questions by Coming up with More Answers

Do you think that you will know the most answers for a specific question? Don’t be so sure. Your opponents can steal the question away from you if he/she thinks that they know more answers than you do. The challenge becomes just how much you know versus the other players. Can you come up with the number of answers needed to trump your competition? Or should you stick to checkers or maybe play New Super Mario Bros. on your Wii?

If you have confidence in your knowledge and skills, grab yourself a box of Geek Out! and let the games begin!