Obey and Save with the Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank

Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank Saves Your Cash
The Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank makes one thing very clear: you will save your pennies, or you will be exterminated! [Image shared by Amazon]
Everyone in the universe knows that the Daleks of Skaro are murderous warmongers intent on exterminating every non-Dalek throughout time and space, but did you know that they’re just as shrewd with their investment strategies as they are with their invasion plans?

The Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank will make you a saver and not a spender — or else. As we should know well by now, there’s just one punishment befitting a wastrel under Dalek financial supervision, and that’s extermination!

Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank Demands Dollars and Obedience

These days, many of us are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. I see many of the younger people in my own family struggling on a daily basis to get ahead with their savings so they don’t stay stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck rut, and I tell them what I’m telling you now: start small if you have to, but start now. Most of us bring home pockets or purses full of spare change that may wind up scattered in various places around the house: between couch cushions, under the refrigerator, behind the dresser, or any number of mysterious resting places, never to be seen again. Believe it or not, if you can keep it all in one place, it may very well add up to some serious cash in no time at all — and it requires very little effort on your part.

Because the Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank comes from a long line of militant beings intent on domination of everything in the universe — even loose change — it would be a perfect way to keep these coins in order.

What Makes the Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank Unique?

The Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank is:

  • approximately 8 1/4″ tall, 5 1/4″ deep, and 4″ wide.
  • lights up and says something distinctively Daleky with every deposit, like:
    • “Oblivion continuum inactive.”
    • “You are the Doctor; you must be exterminated!”
    • “Alert; unidentified projectile approaching!”
    • “You will never defeat us, Doctor; we will return!”
    • “Scan reveals nothing!”
  • makes saving simple and fun.
  • included with batteries.

Every time you obey the Dalek and save your money, you’re not only keeping your cash safe for a rainy day, but you’re ensuring the survival of your species. As long as you keep feeding currency to the Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank, it will refrain from calling down an orbital strike upon your planet… for now.

If you tire of hearing incessant Dalek verbiage or seeing its flashing lights, there’s a kill switch on the bottom of the unit that you can use to shut down these functions. If only The Doctor knew that disabling a Dalek could be so effortless…

Ready to obey and save? Get your own Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank today!