Stop Breathing… in Stuff You Don’t Need to Breathe!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For several months now, my wife has been hoping we’d be able to find an air purifier to suit our needs: to protect us more than we’re able to protect ourselves. We can wash our hands religiously during flu season, but we can’t stop breathing in airborne viruses. Oh, and if addressing my hay fever during allergy season was as easy as keeping my hands clean, I’d never have to deal with the discomfort of seemingly-endless sneezes.
I do choose to use higher grade furnace filters to cut down on what blows through our home, but that’s not enough for either one of us. We’ve been looking for something smart, stylish, and super simple.
From the AeraSmart Sensor (which automatically adjusts the fan and illuminates to indicate the current purity of air being measured) to Aera+ Mode (which really helps during allergy season to increase air turnover rate by 50% to remove more allergens while it works), the Fellowes AeraMax(TM) DX-55 air purifier has been outstanding.
Oh, yeah — and it looks sleek and matches our white trim around the home, too!
Need to move the unit? It’s lightweight and has a built-in handle for convenience. Fellowes designed an air purifier system that’s light on the floor but heavy on features.
I honestly have nothing against pollen or ragweed… so long as they don’t come near me. Viruses and germs aren’t too fun to deal with either, so I’m happy to know that there’s less of a chance of me accidentally ingesting either one of ’em. Mold spores, dust particles, and panda bears can all be captured by this air purifier.
Okay, maybe not panda bears — yet.
But pet dander? Yes, so it makes being a mother and father to two wonderful dogs even more of a joy. Hey, we all shed dead cells. It’s what we do as organic creatures. However, we simply do not need to breathe in each other’s dead cells — so why do we continue to put up with it?
HEPA? Yeppa. Don’t guessa when you needa changea, either. When the icon (and its descriptor) turn red on the AeraMax DX55, it’s time to swap filters. You don’t need to call a handyman to get that job done, either; the side drawer with a built-in grip handle is intuitive enough for the average breather. There’s a separate carbon filter for more comprehensive cleaning, too.

AeraMax DX55 Filters Are Easy to Change

Well, I can tell you that my wife and I don’t worry about it as much anymore with this thing running. Since complete elimination of any contaminants is not possible, we were just looking to reduce the amount altogether. Mission accomplished with the AeraMax DX55 — designed for “medium” rooms (up to 195 square feet). Close the door, let ‘er run for a while, and breathe easier.
Did you hear that? Maybe not, since this air purifier is ultra quiet. Hey, if you like loud machines that are difficult to use, then the AeraMax DX55 is not for you. It’s powerful, portable, and perfect for people who hate panda bears (like my wife, although I’ve had to explain to her a few times that nothing can filter out panda bears — yet).

AeraMax DX55 High-Tech Touch Controls

The next time you see a piece of dust floating through the air in front of you, just think: there’s a lot more where that came from. Unless you’re one of those weird people who love dust and germs on things, I’m guessing your home and body appreciate fewer contaminants. This device looks great and works well… near-impossible to pass up (unless you are a germ).
They say that smoking is bad for you (of that, I have no doubt), so this thing can help you eliminate the smoke gunk, too. Non-smokers don’t hate the smoker, but they hate having to deal with the aftermath. That stuff has to go somewhere — inside of you or through the filter. Which would you prefer? Rather, which would your lungs likely prefer?

Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier in the Bedroom

How many sneezes and sicky-poo family members must you suffer through (especially if one of them has a man-cold) before you opt to pick up a Fellowes AeraMax DX55 air purifier for yourself? They’re available right now — starting at $189 at If that seems like more than you’re willing to spend, how much would you pay to get out of that next flu or infection that could have been avoided?
Not inhaling things you don’t want to inhale? Priceless.

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