Spot It Card Game Rewards the Visually Perceptive

Spot It Card Game Rewards the Visually Perceptive
The Spot It Card Game is fun for all ages, putting visual perception skills to the test and honing something that many of us in these modern times of instant gratification seem to lack: focus! [Image shared by Amazon]
Are you focused? Do you consider yourself a master (or mistress) of visual perception? Then maybe — just maybe — you have what it takes to beat the kids in your family in a spirited round of the Spot It Card Game!

Don’t worry, though. It won’t take up too much of your important adult person time. Aside from being ridiculously fun, the Spot It Card Game is also fast. You can play a few hands at the breakfast table and still make it to your golf game or office building or crime fighting headquarters by roll call.

In sincerity, I believe that there is no better way to spend one’s free time than with family and friends. When most of our youngsters — and even us adults — spend too much time on cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers playing games by ourselves, it’s a refreshing change to gather the family on a night designated to play games together. The Spot It Card Game is a perfect addition to such a night; while trying to match cards (and wits) with other players, participants are challenged to use motor, visual, and speech skills to win.

With the Spot It Card Game:

  • acute visual perception is mandatory.
  • there is only one match between two cards. Can you spot their differences?
  • there are five challenging games.
  • hours of entertainment for two to eight players are provided.
  • you get 55 cards, along with the official rules, all in a convenient traveling tin.

The Spot It Card Game Keeps Things Quick

What makes the Spot It Card Game so exciting is the speed it takes to complete the matching of two cards. There is only one match for any two cards and you need to make this match as quickly and accurately as possible. But it isn’t that simple. The combination of matches could be a picture to picture, a word to picture, or a word to word matchup, so you need to be on your toes and keep your mind refreshed.

The object is simple: be the first to match all the right cards and you could end up becoming the latest champion of the game. Even if you don’t win the game, the special time you spend with family and friends makes everyone who plays the Spot It Card Game a winner.

Get your own Spot It Card Game and see if you can keep up with its dizzying pace!