Emergency Reboot Button Restarts a Bad Day for Better

Emergency Reboot Button To Restart Your World
Having a less-than-ideal day? The Emergency Reboot Button can help you get a fresh handle on it. [Image shared by Amazon]
Ever feel like your day’s just gotten out of control? Your alarm clock didn’t wake you up on time because your power went off overnight and this was the one day you didn’t back it up with your phone’s alarm. You had to take a cold shower because your water heater’s on the fritz. You dropped your coffee pot and it broke into a million pieces before you could get even one sip of its precious nectar to your thirsty lips. You got a replacement cup of coffee at your local bean house, but then forgot it on the roof of your car before exiting to the freeway. About halfway to work, your tire got a flat.

And so on. You know the kind of day I mean. Wish you could call for a do-over like you did when you were making believe to be an astronaut as a kid and you forgot to confirm your capsule’s life support system before landing on the lunar surface? Now you can with this Emergency Reboot Button. If you’ve never solved a problem with the “have you tried turning it off and on again?” solution, then go on: press it! It’s like putting a derailed train back on track. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s all going to be okay!

I’m Not Having a Bad Day. Can the Emergency Reboot Button Still Help?

But what if you aren’t having a bad day? What if you work with computers, where even relatively minor annoyances can make anyone fall to their knees in tears? No problem. The Emergency Reboot Button can help stir your mind — or at least give you or your coworkers a good chuckle (laughter’s the best medicine, right?) — so that you can get back on track and solve what ever issue you are trying to fix or repair. I once owned my own computer repair company and — for the most part — fixes, patches, and repairs were fairly simple and just required some time and patience. But sometimes I would tackle a system that tried my patience and/or knowledge and became a real pain in the tush. At a time when PCs were running Windows 98 or Windows XP, trying to solve some issues were extremely problematic. I can see where an Emergency Reboot Button would have been a handy feature in my toolkit or hanging from my workshop wall as a visual reminder that it’s never too late to get a fresh perspective on problem solving.

I do not think I need to tell you that pushing this button will be a perfect panacea for all issues you may encounter. But in my opinion, pushing the Emergency Reboot Button may help to get you away from the source of a bad day or to get your mind back on track. One could also consider this as a helpful reminder that better days are coming and all can — and will — get better.

Get your own fresh start with the Emergency Reboot Button today!