Robotic Arm Edge Makes Learning Science Fun

Robotic Arm Edge Makes Learning Science Fun
The Robotic Arm Edge is an excellent DIY project that makes learning science fun — for youngsters and adults, alike. This unit comes in kit form and must be assembled to become fully operational. [Image shared by Amazon]
If you have a keen interest in science or you’re trying to get your children to develop an enthusiasm for learning how things work from the ground up, what better way than to embark upon a DIY (do it yourself) project? Here’s a great place to start: the Robotic Arm Edge, a kit manufactured by OWI, a leader in developing robotic project kits for science lovers from around the world.

This kit includes five motors for multi-directional control by the user once the Robotic Arm Edge is fully assembled, which includes control of the rotation at the base, shoulder and elbow movements, wrist motions, and the gripping claw. In addition, the claw part of the Robotic Arm Edge comes with an LED light that helps the user to see what the he or she is trying to pick up.

Robotic Arm Edge is Advanced Technology in a Box

The Robotic Arm Edge kit:

  • includes five motors with five points of rotation.
  • has an LED light at the end of gripper to help you see what you are doing.
  • includes a wired remote control.
  • requires assembly; the good news is that no soldering is required.
  • uses 4 D-sized batteries (not included).

The suggested minimum age for someone assembling the Robotic Arm Edge kit is nine, but you know your kid better than OWI does. Adult supervision is probably ideal, regardless — learn together! Assembly isn’t the end of the fun; count on hours of fully functional robot enjoyment once the project is complete!

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