Bamboo Cutting Board Holds Knives and Protects Your iPad

Bamboo Cutting Board And Knife Holder For iPad
The CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board doubles as a knife holder and includes a special groove to hold your iPad (or other tablet) in place while a shield protects it from flying veggies. [Image shared by Amazon]
Do you use the Internet to look up recipes when you’re trying to dream up dinners that will keep your family wowed and well fed? Sure, you can use your smartphone, but maybe you prefer the size of a tablet — like your iPad.

Or maybe you know all of your best recipes by heart and you just want to watch your favorite stories or listen to music from your favorite streaming service while you chop up the ingredients to your next course du jour (careful with your fingers, though). Either way, here’s a little something that should solve your problem with space-saving finesse: the CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board with screen shield and knife storage!

With the advent of the Internet, we have become accustomed to having instant access to all sorts of data — and recipes have been a popular use of this technology since the very beginning. Preparing a home-cooked meal with advice from others who have navigated a particular recipe before can make the difference between a curse-strewn disaster and culinary delight. So when you’re chopping, dicing, mincing, crushing, tearing, or otherwise transforming your raw materials into bona fide ingredients, it helps to have your help line on hand. This is where the CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board can be of great assistance to the beginning chef or seasoned kitchen veteran.

This Bamboo Cutting Board is:

  • the prefect platform for viewing recipes or videos while you prepare to cook a meal.
  • sturdy and easy to clean.
  • able to protect your iPad or tablet computer with its protective screen.
  • able to hold up to eight knives with its built in slots.

CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board is Convenient and Hygienic

While a cutting board made of bamboo has a resilient surface that can outlast its wooden counterparts for years, there’s another feature that’s perhaps a little less known: bamboo is a natural germ repellant. Of course you’ll keep it clean just like you will the rest of your food preparation and cooking utensils, but it’s nice to have a little bit of help from Mother Nature, too.

So if you’re willing to take the next step in becoming a truly 21st century chef, you should pick up your own CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board today!