TARDIS Shower Caddy Makes Bath Tidier on the Inside

TARDIS Shower Caddy Makes Bath Tidier on the Inside
Is this TARDIS Shower Caddy the secret to The Doctor’s great hair? [Image shared by Amazon]

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

The renegade Time Lord known only as “The Doctor” said it best, but I like to think that I can relate to these words. My hopes may not extend across so grand a scale (I’m only human, after all), but I do hope for the impossible — impossible like an organized shower.

No matter how much I try, how many times I clean, however spotless everything looks when the curtain is closed, behind that sneaky barrier is a mess: shampoo bottles on the floor, razors hiding god-knows-where, and frumpy little poofs that I can never seem to keep out of the way.

Yes, by the way, I do have a shower caddy. But I’m a Doctor Who fan, and what I do not have is a TARDIS shower caddy. What I need is a TARDIS shower caddy.

Time Lord technology involves creating things that are so much more than they seem upon first inspection. This shower caddy, on its face, appears to be just another in a long line of theme-branded bathroom paraphernalia. Obviously built by the 10th Doctor, this caddy does not know when to quit.

Usually, caddies just offer one solid shelf level and a hook. This caddy offers two levels for bottles with drain holes. No more shampoo sitting in a pond of old shower water! And there are multiple hooks for attaching your rootless and wandering poofs. The TARDIS shower caddy is more utilitarian than it first appears. To be functional with fine form is very fitting for a piece of Time Lord technology.

I Have a TARDIS Shower Caddy Now. TARDIS Shower Caddies Are Cool.

The TARDIS Shower Caddy does sport some impressive good looks. The steel wires are powder-coated to resist rust throughout any and all seasons — on any number of planets and time periods where you may find yourself. The removable trays on the second level feature the St. John Ambulance badge and door sign.

There should be enough room in here for everything you need to have David Tennant-level good hair. Well, maybe not, but personally I will settle for not tripping over the shampoo (or giant scarf) anymore in the morning.

Just because you can take a shower anywhere in time and space doesn’t mean that you should delay in getting your own TARDIS Shower Caddy today!