Fogless Shower Mirror Takes the Steam Out

Fogless Shower Mirror Takes the Steam Out
The Fogless Shower Mirror is a perfect companion for any bathroom; its simple design guarantees that it will not fog up — even during marathon washing sessions. [Image shared by Amazon]
Ever tried shaving or tweezing your face in the shower, but the steam obscured your mirror enough to make it useless? The Fogless Shower Mirror is the ideal solution to this problem.

Sure, you can use a regular mirror as long as you don’t mind having to constantly wipe it clear, but how long does it stay fog-free? A few seconds if you’re lucky, and then you’ve got to do it again. And again. And again. It can double the time you spend on your face-fixing duties, and if you live in a one-bathroom household, you’ve probably got an angry mob hovering just outside the door waiting for you to finish.

The Fogless Shower Mirror only wants to help you make peace with your family by saving you time. Is that so wrong?

The Fogless Shower Mirror Makes the Perfect Grooming Companion

To avoid steaming up like most mirrors, the Fogless Shower Mirror uses a system by which you can add water from your shower head to equalize the temperature of the mirror.

Here are some of the bold (and 100% factual!) claims that the Fogless Shower Mirror dares to make:

  • Its simple-to-fill water reserve keeps the mirror fogless.
  • It’s guaranteed to be fogless for life (admittedly, whether it means your life or its life has not been clarified).
  • The mirror uses silicon adhesive, two-sided tape to secure itself to your shower.
  • It includes a squeegee to keep pesky water droplets at bay.
  • And it includes a shelf to hold your razor, tweezers, or other personal items for facial grooming.

Those of you who follow a skin care regimen probably know that doing it in the shower is highly recommend by dermatologists. The Fogless Shower Mirror can be tilted to any angle, which makes it all the easier to view your entire face and neck areas. Unlike other mirrors that fit over the shower head nozzle or in some other inconvenient location, the Fogless Shower Mirror can be placed anywhere in the shower or bath area of your choosing. And unlike other mirrors that may use suction cups, the Fogless Shower Mirror uses heavy-duty silicon adhesive strips for permanent mounting.

Ready to come out of the fog for facial felicity? Get your own Fogless Shower Mirror today!