Euro Traveler Style Wallet Has Room for Multiple Currencies

Euro Traveler Style Wallet Has Room for Multiple Currencies
This Euro Traveler Style Wallet is made of leather and gives you two compartments for carrying multiple currencies (and maybe an extra ID for your alias?) when crossing borders — like a secret agent! [Image shared by Amazon]
Wallets are designed to help us keep our currency (whether paper or plastic) and identification safe, organized, and accessible. And if you’re a border-hopping secret agent, having a wallet that can help you organize multiple currencies and forms of identification while also being durable as well as stylish is of paramount importance. The Euro Traveler Style Wallet fits the bill (and the bills) in real (not Corinthian) leather.

After all, James Bond wouldn’t use a wallet made of freaking Tyvek, would he?

In the tradition of upscale automobile upholstery and luxury furniture, this Euro Traveler Style Wallet is crafted from the finest lambskin leather. Here are some of its other notable features:

  • It comes with two separate bill compartments.
  • It comes with 16 card pockets plus slots.
  • It has an ID window that flips out.
  • It measures 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″.
  • A gift bag is included with the purchase of this wallet.
  • It is handmade.
  • No tyveks were killed in the making of this wallet. (Just itty bitty lambs.)

Euro Traveler Style Wallet Convenient for People of All Continents

Those of us who travel outside of the confines of our own country know that carrying two currencies in our wallets is sometimes a necessity. Trying to keep multiple denominations separated in a regular wallet can be problematic. With the Euro Traveler Style Wallet, this problem is totally eliminated and each currency has its own compartment. For those who don’t travel outside of the country nor have a need for two different currencies, having two compartments can still be useful. By using the two compartments, you can separate your large bills from your smaller bills.

I am sure many of you can share the experience of looking in your wallet and viewing a large number of bills and thinking to yourself that you are flush with cash. Later, you look through this stack of cash and determine you have somehow accumulated about 20 or 25 single dollar bills. By keeping your bills separated, you will be able to easily count your bucks and know exactly how much money you are carrying at any given time.

Want to live a more organized lifestyle — whether or not you’re a border-hopping traveler or a savvy shopper? Get your own Euro Traveler Style Wallet today!