Selfie Arm Extender Sets up the Perfect Self Portrait

Selfie Arm Extender Sets up the Perfect Self Portrait
The Selfie Arm Extender stretches your picture-taking arm beyond its natural limits to get everyone you want in the photo without having to bother potentially shifty passers-by. [Image shared by Amazon]
Even if you don’t have the divinely gifted long arms of a world-class trombone player, the Selfie Arm Extender will ensure that your self-taken images (or “selfies,” as the kids are fond of saying these days) — whether captured with a mobile phone or camera — get the full picture.

Sure, you could always ask a random passer-by to take your picture from a farther away vantage point, but how do you know they’re not some crafty footpad on the prowl for naive tourist loot? Besides, even if this stranger doesn’t take off with your image-capturing gadget of choice, you can hardly call such a picture a “selfie” at that point, can you?

What would your social media friends and followers say?

The Selfie Arm Extender Will Make Your Self Portraits Easier

We all have seen the selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres (well, technically Bradley Cooper, since he was holding the phone) during the Academy Awards ceremonies this year; it became a much-parodied sensation on the Internet almost instantly. Upon initial posting, it was actually instrumental in crashing Twitter for the server-overwhelming traffic that it generated.

And then, more recently, there was the selfie that Jimmy Kimmel took with the Clinton clan during an interview at Clinton Global Initiative University in Tempe, Arizona.

Selfies are a big deal these days!

But why should celebrities have all the fun? We normal people like to take pictures of ourselves with our loved ones and maybe include a complementary background; sometimes our ambitions reach a little longer than our arms, however. In this case, the Selfie Arm Extender is a perfect accessory.

Here’s how this handy little gadget holder can help you.

  • It can hold most mobile phones and small cameras.
  • Its non-slip handle makes holding your picture-taking gadget easy.
  • It collapses down to 10.6″ or expands to 44″.
  • It’s adjustable for multiple angle shots.
  • It captures video or photo shots above crowds.
  • It works with the iPhone 5s, 5c, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4, Android devices, and most other smartphone and camera-type gadgets and doodads.

The Selfie Arm Extender Makes All Your Shots Easier

While I’ve pointed out the most obvious way that the Selfie Arm Extender can be useful, there are a few other circumstances when its assistance might be equally welcome. For instance, you can use the Selfie Arm Extender to take pictures from around a corner or when you are concealed. The Selfie Arm Extender can also elevate your smartphone or camera’s vantage point over a crowd to capture footage that you might otherwise miss for being born without the frame of a professional basketball player.

Tired of missing out on taking the best selfies in your social media circle? Don’t be sad! Get your own Selfie Arm Extender today!