Acer C720: Spartacus in the Arena of Portable Computing

Acer C720: Spartacus in the Arena of Portable Computing
Try to picture the innards of vanquished laptops strewn about underneath the Acer C720 Chromebook. A triumphant tableau! [Image shared by Amazon]
After having put my Acer C720 Chromebook through a couple of months of regular and vigorous use, I am happy to report that this little device is what most of you should be looking at if you want a new laptop. A bold statement? Yes, but it’s one I stand by. Why? Let’s pretend that laptops and their attributes are roughly equatable to human beings (flex those imagination muscles and bear with me), and that we are lanistas looking to purchase a gladiator.

For me, most of the market is flooded with bulky prospects. They look impressive in advertisements. They are quick to show off their huge muscles (or specs). They look like the strongest and most obvious candidate for a human minion. These bulky gladiators look poised to pick up and break their opponents in half. They tend to be more expensive too, as they are flashy and have super pushy sales pitches. The slaves bark at us to gaze upon their pure power, and like many an inexperienced lanista, I used to get caught up in the hype. The problem with all that muscle is that half of them cannot even touch the tops of their own heads or fight for more than 10 minutes. Their flexibility has become compromised and all that power is a huge drain on stamina.

Jupiter’s Proudly Strutting Rooster! The Acer C720 will Bring Glory to Your House

The Acer C720 Chromebook, at first glance, appears to be too slight to put on a good show. As lanistas, we have all seen the acrobatic gladiator that can run laps around the arena for hours, but is useless once caught. Fortunately for me and the coin I gambled, the Acer C720 is the Spartacus of the portable computing arena. This gladiator is nimble and lithe, but continues to gain power as the Chrome OS is updated. It can perform all of my day-to-day computing tasks and, unlike other devices, actually lasts all day while doing so. For people who use their computer mainly as an Internet portal (and let’s be honest: most of us are not power users), the Acer C720 is the perfect choice. Once you get used to Web apps, it becomes even more robust. My chosen gladiator also has an impressive immune system, being secured in the same manner as the Google cloud. Updates are frequent, and like the gladiator who trains consistently, the usability and functionality keep increasing.

While it is true that my prizefighter will never pick up an opponent and break him in half while in the arena, I can also count on zero fingers the times I have wanted to do this. This is not a gaming machine and makes no claims to be one. This is also not suitable for those who want to illustrate a Web comic. Reading a Web comic, though? Checking the forums for news about your favorite game? The Acer C720 can do that even before your other machine has booted up.

As a computing lanista, it is important to be honest about your needs. I discovered that once I really thought about how I use my computer, this was the only logical option. It was also about 1/5 the price of other options and its brain is based on some of the newest mobile technology — so we should be vanquishing foes for at least a couple of years before retirement. One final note: the updated version of this machine has a touch screen, but in my opinion, that is like putting a wig on Spartacus.

Compelled to give the Acer C720 gladiator Chromebook a whirl? Get your own today!