Darth Vader Mug Stirs Itself with The Force!

Darth Vader Mug Stirs Itself with The Force
Darth Vader doesn’t use a plastic spoon to stir his coffee during that morning meeting with the Moffs — he stirs it with The Force! Or he uses this Darth Vader Mug that stirs itself. [Image shared by Amazon]
Lord Vader likes his coffee like he likes The Force: dark and powerful.

But, you know, sometimes he prefers it with a splash of half and half and a sprinkle of cinnamon (he says it helps him meditate). While the break rooms of Imperial Star Destroyers always seem to run low on spoons (it’s suspected that low-paid stormtroopers hoard them for home use), Darth Vader doesn’t need any to do the stirring.

No, he just solves this problem like he solves the rest: by bending the very Galaxy around him to serve his will by manipulating The Force. That’s right: Darth Vader stirs his coffee with The Force!

The Darth Vader Mug Stirs Things Up

Don’t have Force powers of your own? While we may find your lack of midi-chlorians disturbing, in true Star Wars fashion, this Darth Vader Mug stirs itself with The Force! Well, actually it’s a little button on the handle that prompts the stirring, and it’s powered by two AAA batteries, but you can pretend to be a Force sensitive Sith (or Jedi, if that’s more your style) in need of your daily caffeine fix with the Darth Vader Mug!

Do you feel The Force now? Try a few more sips for your bloodstream to get properly stimulated.

Maybe coffee’s not your beverage of choice? That’s okay. I’ll bet a proper space drink like Tang would mix quite nicely with proper application of these battery-operated faux Force powers, too! Or maybe you want to try a drink that’s more… fortified. I’ll bet Han Solo could make a heck of a┬áCorellian coffee (Coronet whiskey gives it its distinctive kick) with the use of this mug on a long smuggling run. (He’d hand piloting duties over to Chewbacca, of course, because we all know that drinking and driving is stupid in any galaxy).

No matter your drink of choice, and no matter your age, I’ll bet you could find some use for this Darth Vader Mug that stirs itself, couldn’t you? Find out when you order your own today!