EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Helps Lose Weight Precisely

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Helps Lose Weight Precisely
The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale features extra-large, lighted numbers, is precise within three ounces, and can be used by people who weigh up to 400 pounds. [Image shared by Amazon]
Are you planning on an upcoming wedding or a trip to the Bahamas? What about that New Year’s resolution you made only a few months ago to rid yourself of those extra pounds that were packed on over the holidays? Have you been watching what you eat and wondering if giving up that extra mouthful of creamy macaroni and cheese is really paying off? How else are you going to know if you’re making progress or backsliding if you don’t weigh yourself regularly?

If the only time you monitor your weight is when you visit the doctor’s office, you may find yourself more discouraged than encouraged by the experience. I’m always surprised to discover that I have somehow managed to gain weight even though I think I’ve been following a safe, doable diet plan. Of course, by the time I mentally deduct 10 pounds for clothing, time of day, or the fact that the scale at the doctor’s office can be wildly inaccurate, I can usually justify the tiny weight gain that remains.

The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Helps You Get a Realistic Handle on Your Goals

I used to weigh my babies on the produce scale at the grocery store, but I doubt the health department would smile on such a practice in this day and age (especially if I were to try and climb on for a peek at my current pounds). My alternative? The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale. This scale is fabulous; it measures accurately within three ounces of your actual weight, and it’s good for anyone who weighs up to 400 pounds! That’s a workhorse in the world of weight management if ever there was one.

The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale has an oversized, cool blue Accubright LCD backlight display so that even those of us who find ourselves squinting at a regular bathroom scales can get an accurate idea of our current weight — and even if we’re too shy to fully disrobe and catch a glimpse of ourselves in a brightly lit room with lots of mirrors!

If you have owned an earlier model of this scale, you will be pleased to find EatSmart’s new step-on technology has eliminated the need to tap the scale to get it to turn on. For many of us oldsters, it is also important to note that the large, non-slip platform is safe for us to use and helps to eliminate the fear of falling. Other benefits of purchasing the EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale: it includes an easy-to-read instruction guide, four AAA batteries, and an EatSmart body tape measure. Most important? It comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so what do you have to lose other than those excess pounds?

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