Fellowes AutoMax Shreds with Gallons of Dignity

Fellowes AutoMax Shreds with Gallons of Dignity
The Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders lets you load up to 20 gallons of documents (staples, paperclips, and all) and walk away without having to worry about jams or other interruptions. It can even handle CDs, DVDs, and credit cards!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's well known that Fellowes already makes the World's Toughest Shredders (warranting capital letters and everything). It's hardly surprising; this is a company that's been run by the same family since 1917, and it's been responsible for industry-leading innovations all along the way. Now, just a few years shy of its centennial, Fellowes brings us a new pair of powerful allies in the war against clutter, fraud, and identity theft: the Fellowes AutoMax 500C (which has a 20-gallon bin, continuous run time, and can handle 500 sheets) and AutoMax 300C (with a 16-gallon bin, 30-minute run time, and 300 sheet capacity). Resilient paddles (rather than soft human hands) safely feed content into their gaping maws of doom to ensure that what goes in is destroyed beyond any hope of reassembly — a terrifying (well, at least frustrating) prospect to those who would seek to pilfer your documents for nefarious purposes.

Fellowes AutoMax Shredders Go Above and Beyond Expectations

Sure, wrecking sensitive information beyond repair is what we've come to expect from any paper shredder worth its salt these days. How does the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders go above and beyond its contemporaries? Here are some of its groundbreaking superpowers:

  • Surefeed technology lets you drop 16 to 20 gallons of paper, paper clips, staples, double-sided color printed paper, glossy paper, multiple sheets folded over, crumpled paper, junk mail, and even CDs, DVDs, and credit cards into a bin and walk away to do more important things. If it could talk, it would say "I got this!"
  • Its JamGuard system keeps the party going — free of jams — so you don't have to keep checking on it (until it's done with the task at hand and ready for more).
  • A SmartLock keeps access to the current job secure so you don't have to worry about unauthorized personnel snooping on (or nabbing) confidential documents not yet processed.
  • SilentShred keeps the AutoMax's rampaging to a dull roar so as not to disturb the entire office (if only some of its human co-workers could learn to do the same).
  • Still not quiet enough? A Delayed Start feature lets you schedule shredding for a time when the office is less populated — perhaps during lunch or after hours.
  • Two minutes of inactivity is a good clue that the job is done; energy-saving Sleep Mode shuts the shredder down so you don't have to keep checking on it.
  • Intuitive touch screen technology with back-lit LEDs means that anyone you authorize can use it without having to read a 500-page manual or take a week-long operations seminar.

But you say that your company uses a shredding service, which is already a walk-away solution that keeps your employees from having to tie up valuable time with such a mundane task? What if I told you that using an AutoMax 300C in house will save you 55% of the cost of hiring an external shredding service over the course of three years? Would it make more sense then? The Fellowes AutoMax 300C and 500C shredders are designed for high-volume office environments, but they're priced to keep even your small business safe from the thieving machinations of less scrupulous human beings. If you'd like to learn more about the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders, you should go see what the official site has to say about it!

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