The Simpsons Sacrilicious Lunchbox Holds Cravings Sacred

What happens when an unstoppable appetite meets an immovable appetizer? Homer Simpson, the gluttonous but lovable patriarch of The Simpsons, could probably tell you. In spite of mistaking a waffle stuck to the ceiling as a loving deity, he paused for barely a second before devouring it, the syrup-speckled word “sacrilicious” being the punctuation to this violation of the holiest of holies.

The Simpsons Sacrilicious Lunchbox pays homage to this classic scene from the beloved cartoon while featuring a foodstuff that Homer craves even more than waffles: the almighty donut! As Homer once said: “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Sacrilicious: when something’s so delicious that you’d violate the laws of your sacred higher power of choice just to get a bite of it. What food do you find most sacrilicious?

The Simpsons Sacrilicious Lunchbox Holds Cravings Sacred
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