Cooking for Geeks is a Manual for Kitchen Domination

Cooking for Geeks is a Manual for Kitchen Domination
Cooking for Geeks: hack the book; hack the kitchen! [Image shared by Amazon]
Cooking for Geeks is designed to be more than just a cookbook. It is part textbook, part inspiration repository, and part science experiment. This is so much more than just a collection of recipes that may or may not turn into delicious dishes; Cooking for Geeks is a manual for kitchen domination!

Cooking for Geeks Has as Many Uses as You Have Gadgets in Your Kitchen

The book opens with a discussion of the term “hack” and a definition of how it should be read within the author’s particular context. In this case, “hacking” is recognizing how a thing works, how its individual parts work, and assessing their uses as individuals and as a whole. This is a perfect metaphor for how to read Cooking for Geeks. Like any good multi-tool, this book need not be used in a linear fashion. The author encourages the reader to flip through, pick out, and generally dissect the book for their own purposes. Author Jeff Potter offers a usable definition of “geek” as someone who has a particularly strong curiosity and passion for a thing, whatever that thing may be.

By giving us separate chapters on general food chemistry, the finer points of reading a recipe, and molecular gastronomy, Potter has created his own recipe for igniting the kitchen curiosity of geeks everywhere. Cooking for Geeks is a great way to ignite your own passion for cooking no matter what flavor of geek or cook you are.

Personally, I am the worst person in the world to ask for a recipe. It often ends with “cook it until it’s done.” Thankfully, after reading this book, many of my less culinarily inclined friends will have an easier time interpreting exactly what “until it’s done” means. Don’t ask me if any of the recipes in the book are good, though. I plan on reading enough to understand the chemistry and using the recipes as jumping off points into spice wonderland. A recipe is not a blueprint, and a cookbook is more than just the recipes it contains. Heck, who needs a whole bulky book just to learn how to make something? There is even an interview with a lady who has managed to use Twitter for sharing her tasty kitchen secrets.

Cooking for Geeks has something for everyone, but especially something for those of us who have pizza delivery on speed dial!