Creeper Week Day 4: Creeper – Minecraft Michael Jackson Parody

Whether or not you’ve ever been a fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson music videos were a ubiquitous part of the ’80s. Thriller became especially iconic for showing us just what was conceptually possible with this newly recognized format and giving us an entire mini-movie, above and beyond the scope of the song it featured.

And while any Weird Al fan (guilty) can tell you that the Creeper video below (by YouTube’s MinecraftFinest) isn’t the first time Thriller has been parodied, we must also concede that it’s really freaking good!

Nightfall crawls across the land;
Keep your swords close at hand.
Creepers walk in search of blood
To end your Minecraft life for good.

[From “Creeper” – A Minecraft Parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller by MinecraftFinest]