The Game of Life: Star Wars – Jedi’s Path

Remember the classic Game of Life from Milton Bradley? You spun the wheel and advanced your little car, collecting a family and enduring the consequences of your choices mixed in with luck (or lack of luck) along the way. It was a lot like, well, life. A fun idea, sure, but don’t you already have a life?

The Game of Life: Star Wars – Jedi’s Path (available on Amazon or eBay) lets you hearken back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and see what your life might be like with Star Wars as your background. Will you choose the light side of The Force, or the dark side? Jedi or Sith? That’s all up to the choices that you make!

The Game of Life: Star Wars - Jedi's Path
[Image: Amazon]

And, yep, the iconic wheel remains intact, so you can spin to your heart’s content. It’s the simple things in life (or even the Game of Life) that make it all worthwhile, right?