You Love These Star Wars Towels? I Know.

You Love These Star Wars Towels? I Know.
You love these Star Wars Towels? I know. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Star Wars Towels featured here are a distinct step up from most fandom-related merchandise. There are only so many novelty-shaped cookie jars you can put in your house before things start looking more like a pop culture museum and less like a house. Do not get me wrong; I love a good novelty cookie jar. There is also something to be said for the ability to rotate your display pieces. For both of these reasons, I am always in the mood to look at a good bit of novelty fandom. Sometimes, though, I want something a bit more subtle. That is where these Star Wars Towels come in.

Of all the “I love you; I know” themed merchandise I have come across, these are my favorite. The silhouette versions of Han and Leia on these Star Wars Towels are not only a nod to how outdated and outmoded display towels have become (never mind that I still love them), but they are also a reference to the social graces of the time. Han’s roguish and very conceited response to Leia’s declaration is a perfect match for the graphics. This exchange would not be out of place in a household with display towels. The household might even have a rotating stock of display towels (perhaps they’re the novelty cookie jars of a bygone era). Whether on purpose or not, I find this only adds to my enjoyment of the Star Wars Towels. They serve as a great launching pad for a discussion of gender politics in science fiction narratives.

If You Do Dry Your Hands on These Star Wars Towels, Please Do so with Class

The reverse side of the towels features the Rebel Alliance insignia as a border band. This is another subtle detail that reinforces how easily these towels can be incorporated into an otherwise fandom-neutral setting. Made of cotton and bamboo, the Star Wars towels will also be a lot less scratchy than the sandy surface of Tatooine. Their gray color is a reminder of the misty swamps of Dagobah. As a conversation piece, a subtle display of Rebel Alliance loyalty, or just a method of drying wet hands, these Star Wars Towels do all with aplomb!