Spider-Man Cell Phone Case is Protection Against Radioactive Spiders

Spider-Man Cell phone Case is Protection Against Radioactive Spiders
This Spider-Man Cell Phone Case is so cute! I mean fierce and formidable! [Image shared by Amazon]
This flexible, sturdy, and darned adorable Spider-Man Cell Phone Case could very well be instrumental in preserving your future humanity. We all know what is responsible for turning Peter Parker into Spider-Man, correct? A pesky, radioactive spider altered the course of the poor teen’s life and ultimately started a superhero civil war.

I’ll bet most of you did not know that radioactive spiders are afraid of silicone.

What if Peter Parker Had a Spider-Man Cell Phone Case?

Wait, is that even possible? Maybe he had an Incredible Hulk case. In any event, it would have saved his humanity and the lives of several prominent Marvel superheroes. So much drama and tragedy could have been prevented by the simple use of a cell phone case. The least you can do is to put this Spider-Man Cell Phone Case on your own fancy smartphone.

At the very least, it is adorable and bright, which makes it easier to find in a hurry. You know, like when you are trying to scare off a horde of radioactive spiders! Those seconds are precious and should not be wasted.

Spider-Man Cell phone Case is Protection Against Radioactive Spiders
This included Stitch Stylus will keep children from ruining your cell phone! [Image shared by Amazon]
Protect yourself from radioactive children! I mean spiders! I mean radioactive spiders and children! The Spider-Man Cell Phone Case can also protect your precious gadget from the clutches of another menace almost as destructive as the previously mentioned spiders: children.

The case is shockproof and will probably be a “screen saver” if someone’s (or your own) little bundle of hell and joy decides to knock it off a counter. Better yet, it comes with a great child distraction device. The bonus Stitch stylus that’s included has nothing to do with Spider-Man, but kids love Stitch. I love Stitch and you probably do, too. Everyone loves Stitch.

The kiddies can play with Stitch and leave you and your Spider-Man Cell Phone Case to do battle with varmint hordes and evil alter egos.

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