Dominate Fashion and Exterminate Rivalry in a Dalek Dress

Dominate Fashion and Exterminate Rivalry in a Dalek Dress
This Dalek Dress demonstrates the superior sartorial choice! [Image shared by Amazon]
This is the story of how I learned to give up hope for the Time Lords and take the side of the Daleks, instead. Last weekend I went to a space pirates-themed costume wedding reception. No, that is not a lie. It was the most unique and creativity-inspiring wedding I have ever attended. You are jealous. This, however, is not the point. I wore a TARDIS dress. Actually, I wore this one.

There were other Doctor Who fans there and, predictably, each Doctor had his own TARDIS with him. I may have thought my husband and I were clever eschewing the whole Doctor and companion costume idea. All was good; there is room in the Doctor Who universe for multiple Doctors and even multiple TARDISes, right?

TARDIS Dress? No. Dalek Dress is the Superior Choice!

The TARDIS is a sentient ship of love and time and space. I was okay with it. I was okay with it until, halfway through the evening, another TARDIS showed up in my dress! My inner Dalek emerged. I declared myself the “Superior TARDIS.” Realistically, I should have been wearing a Dalek Dress to the party. I tried to steady myself, but whatever I did, my TARDIS Dress started to take on shades of red. In my mind I was already in the Dalek Dress, happily exterminating and declaring myself the superior Whovian. Wandering around pretending to be a psychotic, destruction-crazed, metal-encased brain is actually quite fun. I recommend it. Just wear the Dalek Dress while doing it. You will avoid the odd looks I received.

The Dalek Dress is constructed identically to the TARDIS Dress I wore to the reception (minus the Time Lord technology). I can absolutely promise this dress is comfortable to wear and offers a ridiculously flattering fit for all body shapes. This is partially due to the stretchy nature of the fabric. The dress covers enough in the front to be modest, but is still short enough in length to not feel dowdy. Aspiring conquerors of especially tall stature may want to alter their look appropriately. The Dalek Dress in particular can be worn for non-cosplay purposes without much explanation. It looks pretty spiffy on its own. This dress is the superior choice.

Be superior, dominate fashion, and exterminate the lesser! Get your own Dalek Dress here! Obey! OBEY!