Green Goblin Figure is the Willem Dafoe of Poseables

Green Goblin Figure is the Willem DaFoe of Poseables
This Green Goblin Figure has over 30 Dafoe-worthy articulations! [Image shared by Amazon]
This Green Goblin Figure is the perfect way to remember the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films as they were before they started to suck. This is to say, remember the first movie. It was pretty a-okay, and I have a feeling that had something to do with Willem Dafoe. Who else could have put such scenery-chewing anger into Norman Osborn, who would go on to become the Green Goblin? Who else has that jawline? Seriously, it looks like it was sculpted with a razor and a t-square. You could weaponize it.

Green Goblin Figure is the Willem DaFoe of Poseables
Get a load of the jaw on the guy beneath the Green Goblin mask! Willem Dafoe? [Image shared by Amazon]
The super-poseable nature of this Green Goblin figure makes it possible to accurately evoke the same over-the-top performance from the movie. Take off the Green Goblin mask and you will discover it is literally the Willem Dafoe of action poseables.

Hidden under the Green Goblin mask is a pretty darned good likeness of Norman Osborn from the movie. That is to say, a buggy-eyed actor named Willem Dafoe. His glider is even equipped with little pumpkin bombs that are ready for tossing while our antagonist is cackling wildly into the air.

For my money, the Green Goblin from the Raimi films is one of the best hero movie villains ever put on the screen. This Green Goblin figure is the perfect way to remind yourself of a time when Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis was neither laughable nor auditioning for the part of a tentacle monster in an underground anime. Like sands through the hourglass, those were the days of our lives. Even James Franco had yet to obtain creeper status.

Think you can handle the memories of better days and stronger jawlines? Get your own Green Goblin Figure here!