Spider-Man Chocolate Egg: Goodness Inside and Out

Spider-Man Chocolate Egg: Goodness Inside and Out
Eat a Spider-Man Chocolate Egg and you, too, can bounce off the walls! [Image shared by Amazon]
Please allow me to get the disclaimer out of the way first: This Spider-Man Chocolate Egg could be a choking hazard to small children and anyone who either enjoys the taste of paper and plastic or feels the need to inhale chocolate without actually taking in the flavor.

There. Done. Safety of the world protected!

Do you know what little kids and action figure collectors have in common? A great many of them love both chocolate and toys. While this can be said for a reliably high percentage of the population, toys nestled inside delicious chocolate eggs seem to be perfectly targeted toward these two groups in particular.

Even a single Spider-Man Chocolate Egg will probably turn most children into a fairly close facsimile of our favorite arachnid superhero. Sugar gives children (and some adults) a preternatural ability to literally bounce off walls.

The Spider-Man Chocolate Egg contains high amounts of sugar and other compounds that induce delirious happiness. Spider-Man, the superhero, has a habit of inducing delirious happiness in children and adults, alike. What child could resist shaking and then biting into a delightful sugar egg only to find a bonus toy inside? This is like a happy meal infused with radioactively endowed superpowers!

Spider-Man Chocolate Egg is Joy Filled with Mystery

The effect of one of these confectionery eggs on a toy collector is slightly different. The whole eggs could be preserved in their boxes and viewed with joy for years to come. There is, however, one problem here; without breaking open the delicious, milk chocolate shell, one will never know what toy lays hidden inside. Herein lies the crux of the collector’s problem.

Does the serious collector (as serious as a collector of chocolate-immersed baubles can be, anyway) save the box without opening and apply the oft-coveted NIB (Not In Box) tag to the item? What if certain toys within the Spider-Man Chocolate Eggs are rarer than others? How does one properly preserve the delicious chocolate from the ravages of time and environment? How does one properly resist the lure of chocolately goodness? Superman’s x-ray vision would come in handy here — if only he existed in the same comic book universe.

It is my suggestion that the toy collector take the leap and eat the chocolate. Release the endorphins!

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