Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure is Cooler Than Blue Magic Players

Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure is Cooler Than Blue Magic Players
If you’re a Magic: The Gathering player, surely you agree that this Jace Beleren figure makes the Mind Sculptor look pretty darned cute! [Image shared by Amazon]
I like the new Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure even though I kind of hate Magic: the Gathering players who play with predominantly blue decks. Hear me out before making your decision! Blue’s fundamental is control. Blue decks are full of cards that make your opponent want to pop their own fingers off at the knuckles from pure frustration.

I know this is not true all the time, but I always associate playing blue with annoying your opponent to death. Let’s think about this in a context that does not include planeswalkers and mana. Are there many people who would actively choose to be so annoying that they literally kill people from frustration? I am sure there are, but I want none of them at my birthday party. For the record, real men (and women, and all things in between) play suicide black. I digress.

Not entirely sure how effective Jace would be without a mouth, but how cute is this thing? Cute enough to sway even the most argent fan of mono-red burn.

Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure Appeals to Wizards of All Mana Colors

Most of us know the deal with these vinyl figures. They really serve no purpose other than to look cool and be a cutesy version of whatever bad-ass form of geekery is your favorite. This Jace Beleren figure fits that bill perfectly.

It should be noted that there is a whole series of Planeswalker figures being released on May 27th, so even if Jace does not appeal to you, there probably is one that will. Fair warning: Funko POP! picked Liliana Vess over Sorin Markov for the black mana flavor. Those of us who are fans of the smooth sanguinemancer will just have to bide our time… impatiently. While we wait, there is always the Jace Beleren figure to keep us company.

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