NFC Ring is Shadowrun Without Dystopia and Dragons

NFC Ring is Shadowrun Without Dystopia and Dragons
An NFC Ring will make you look like a wizard to the uninitiated. [Image shared by]
I want the (Near Field Communication) NFC Ring so that I can make my niece and nephew think I am magical. This is a purely selfish and vain reason for wanting one, but think of all the fun you could have. Anyone who does not keep up on technology will not be able to believe their eyes. In certain circles you could probably convince the not-so-sober that you are in fact a being from a higher dimension. The possibilities for trickery alone make one of these NFC Rings worth the shockingly reasonable price tag.

Available in three different simple designs, the rings will work with any NFC-enabled device. This means that Android phone users (and iPhone users whenever Apple catches up) can unlock their phone simply by touching it.

Too Drunk to Unlock Your Phone? With an NFC Ring, All You Have to Do Is Touch It

This is not the only trick that someone with an NFC Ring will be able to do. In essence, this is a huge step forward in the realization of the world described in the Shadowrun roleplaying game. Imagine meeting a friend in a dark alley and passing off sensitive information with nothing more than a handshake. This is so much cooler than handing off a playlist via the phone humping of Android beam. Imagine unlocking your front door by touching it. NFC tags are plentiful now and more and more devices are compatible with this type of communication. There may not be dragons and metahumans walking the earth yet, but we are inching ever closer to Fifth World becoming our reality.

Be it for trickery, LARPing, or general badassery, the NFC Ring is bound to be on a lot of wishlists. The rings are available in limited quantities, so I would order one now.