The FreeKey System Makes Key Wrangling Freakishly Easy

The FreeKey System Makes Key Wrangling Freakishly Easy
The FreeKey system by Exotac lets you get down and freaky with your keys in record time (wow, that sounds dirty). [Image shared by Exotac]
Behold the power of a simple advancement. The FreeKey System by Exotac did not need to re-invent the wheel to completely revolutionize the way I carry my keys. It did not even have to go so far as to change the shape of our now iconic key rings. Hell, it didn’t even change the coiled ring formation of my key ring. What on Earth did the FreeKey system actually change, then?

My key ring now opens with one hand and some simple pressure. I realize there are some keyring masters out there who might need the FreeKey to open their rings with magician-like swiftness and ease. I am not one of them; chances are, neither are you.

The FreeKey System Means Never Breaking a Nail Opening Your Key Ring Again

Broken nails and pinched fingers are two injuries that can be avoided by upgrading the way you keep your keys. Saving face at the mechanic instead of clumsily fumbling to disentangle your car keys from the rest is worth the paltry sum that Exotac is requesting for this revolution. Even car keys with huge, annoying key tops are scientifically proven to be 80% easier to manipulate (by scientifically proven I mean anecdotally observed by me). The FreeKey system is a hands-down win for my beloved tinkergeeks. You know, the guys who live for open source software with robust customization options. Avid Lifehacker readers who can actually make a clothespin match gun, this is for you.

My pop culture obsessed geeks are not left out in the cold, either. The FreeKey system makes it three hells of a lot easier to swap out your keyring charms. I currently have a Wicket minifig representing my Star Wars love right now. Let’s say I walked into a store and bought a Sailor Saturn charm later today. I could take off wicket and replace him with the new charm while walking back to my car. Sailor of Death and Rebirth, represent! All without stopping! The possibility to swap out my ignition column figurehead to match my mood is exciting. Small update, big change, bigger excitement.

Get your own FreeKey system here!