Batman Flip Flops Could Be the Best Summertime Gadgets Ever

Batman Flip Flops Could Be the Best Summertime Gadgets Ever
Batman Flip Flops: Not even the Dark Knight himself can stand sand in his shoes. [Image shared by Amazon]
Can a pair of Batman Flip Flops make you wealthier than Bruce Wayne? Absolutely not. They can, however, make you more prepared than the Caped Crusader. Picture this: Batman is chasing The Riddler through a seaside amusement park. If you are thinking of Santa Monica Pier on the West Coast or Steel Pier on the East Coast, we are on the same page.

The Riddler stops short of the waterline, throws a smoke grenade, and fades away into the night, leaving this question in his wake:

What can make one man blind and another man see, makes one building strong, and tears another one down?

Ever the smartie, Batman follows him off the side of the pier and onto the beach below. The answer is obviously sand, but after running a few steps, the Dark Knight notices an itch between his toes and a grating at the back of his heels. He pursues The Riddler despite this incredibly strong annoyance because, after all, he is Batman. As you might guess, our hero is triumphant and evil is once again confined to Arkham Asylum, but at what cost?

Have you ever had sand in your shoes? It is pretty much one of the worst feelings imaginable. For as many gadgets as Batman seems to have, where were his flip flops? This is some serious lack of foresight for a chase through a seaside carnival. I guess this solves the question of Bruce Wayne ever having been a Boy Scout.

These Batman Flip Flops Make You More Prepared Than the Man Himself

Okay, yes, these are not hand-sewn Italian leather sandals made for lounging around Clooney’s villa in Lake Como. Bruce Wayne probably has those. These are backyard BBQ, playing Frisbee, last-minute trip to the shore Batman Flip Flops. They are essential summer gear. They solve the aforementioned worst feeling on Earth. Who says a pair of flip flops can’t qualify as essential summer gadgetry? Not me.

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