Pool Jousting Set Offers the Fun of a Renaissance Fair Without the Smell

Pool Jousting Set Offers the Fun of A Renaissance Fair Without the Smell
This Pool Jousting Set offers a high probability of fun and a low probability of decapitation. [Image shared by Swimline]
This Pool Jousting Set might be the perfect way to experience the fun of a Renaissance Fair or the thrill of Medieval Times without the smell or price tag. I know, I love a good Ren Fair, but they do smell. If I could afford it, I would be all over some Medieval Times, too. Both have one key factor in common aside from meat that is eaten with your hands: the thrilling tournament of joust!

Until the Pool Jousting Set, this true sport of kings has been sadly out of reach for us serfs. The upkeep on an arena and charger horses places this amusement just slightly out of reach. This does not even mention the slight risk of decapitation by lance. Jousting has never really been a summer sport for the masses. That is, until now. Access to a pool is all that is needed to solve disputes in a most knightly fashion.

Prove Your Mettle or Carry Your Beloved’s Favor to a Watery Grave

Perhaps watery grave is a bit theatrical. There is much less risk of death involved with a Pool Jousting Set. How jealous Henry II would be of your lower risk fun. Disputes for the last hot dog can be settled with a simple contest of first to dunk (although waiting 30 minutes after eating before getting on your flume is advised).

For less than the cost of one dinner at the fabled Medieval Times, you can enjoy countless jousting matches without enduring the smell of turkey legs mingling in your nose with the order of unkempt stables. A man or woman’s home is their castle, and royalty deserves a tournament.

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