Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure as Cool as Any Dragon

Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure as Cool as Any Dragon
This Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure is cute enough to make you forget that you’re dealing with a wicked schemer who’s not above murdering children to get her way. Awwww! [Image shared by Amazon]
Funko Pop! vinyl figures are something for which I have an incredibly soft spot. In particular, this Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure. Her big, round face and little twisty horns make this particular rendition of the dragon-forming villain look more chibi than evil sorceress. Ordinarily, I would protest this greatly. For some reason though, I am completely okay with the change that has taken place. Would I be a lot more excited if this was the Malefidragon? Wouldn’t we all? Dragon trumps pretty much everything.

This figure appears to be based upon the Angelina Jolie-fronted movie version. Have you seen it yet? Sadly, I have not. This made me quite melancholic over the weekend. Does the dragon make a cameo?

Behold! It does!

The Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure, Despite Not Being a Dragon, is Still Rad

All obsessions with dragonhood aside, Maleficent places a curse on a baby that will kill the child before it reaches adulthood. This is some serious malfeasance we have going on here. People discount the wickedness of Maleficent in favor of discussing her amazingly sculpted cheekbones or expertly applied maquillage, but this is a mistake. Those cute little twisty horns on this chibi version? Those are made for impaling! Where do you think Vlad Dracul got the idea? Pretty sure he stole the whole dragon nickname from the Mistress of Misanthropy, too.

This Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure was made to sit on your desk at work. Her red-lipped smile and magnificent eyelashes reminding you of the cosmetic benefits of a life led in service to malice. Especially on a the first day of the week. Mondays were made for mischief, malpractice, malcontents, and most of all, mochas.

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