PowerCup Coffee Cup Adapter Gives Your Devices a Nice Buzz

A Coffee Cup Adapter Gives Your Devices a Nice Buzz
This PowerCup Coffee Cup Adapter and inverter is probably a better deal than your weekly latte habit. [Image shared by PowerLine]
Coffee and various personal technology devices are now so married in our culture that I wonder why no one thought of a Coffee Cup Adapter before. I have, in the past, had a splitter going off the power adapter in my car that created a huge mess of cables and resulted in the two adapter ends clanging against one another on long road trips. The clutter, the noise, and the general inefficiency (separate adapters had to be plugged into each as neither resulted in regular outlets for our USB connections) drove me up the wall. This was the perfect storm of bad design and bad utility. I wanted to kill it with fire — the fire of hatred.

Enter this Coffee Cup Adapter and inverter — the PowerCup by PowerLine. I am not one to be in favor of novelty form factor for the sake of novelty, which is yet another reason I love this car accessory. Coffee cups are perhaps the best suited size and shape to fit in a majority of cup holders in cars. This actually increases the utilitarian aspects of the adapter while also giving it a pleasing design. When function and frivolity combine in one awesome product, you should take notice.

PowerCup Coffee Cup Adapter Powers Everything but Your Brain

We modern humans tend to associate caffeine with energy. I like that the Coffee Cup Adapter gives a playful nod to this tenant of 21st century life. I like even more than the adapter/inverter will power pretty much everything I would dare take into the car. Laptops? Check (writing on the road just got a lot easier). Phone and MP3 players? Check. Hair dryer? What? Check. This Coffee Cup Adapter can power your phone for constant music playback and charge your laptop at the same time. It will do this while fitting securely in most cup holders and without adding to your cord spaghetti tangle. All of this for less than most of you probably spend a week at Starbucks.

Get your own PowerCup Coffee Cup Adapter here!