Charge Any Six Devices at Once with the MV-UNI-6 Charging Station

Charge Any Six Devices at Once with the AMV-UNI-6 Charging StationThis is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are 100% mine.

I’m an organization freak, but not to the point of not being able to go to bed if something is out of place somewhere in the house. I do prefer order over chaos, and will do my best to surround myself with anything that might alleviate the stress of a dangling doohickey.

Yes, cables are annoying to me — a necessary evil. Perhaps one day in the future, we’ll be able to keep our devices charged wirelessly — but I’m guessing that’ll come after we finally get the jetpacks we were promised decades ago. For the foreseeable future, cables will remain clutter.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who don’t care for a clean space — that’s fine, too. You’re still going to need to charge devices and surfaces are only so big.

Here’s something to satisfy any one of us who have more than six devices that are in regular use in our homes — by us (entirely), or perhaps throughout the entire household (assuming that your significant other has their own tablet computer or pocket computer).

The MOBILEVISION Charging Station is there for you to accommodate up to six devices and charge them all at one time with the minimum amount of fuss and footprint. And before you go clicking away to buy it, let me first tell you that you should use the coupon LOCKERG6 upon checkout to get $10 off the Amazon listing (or use the same code to score 20% off if you decide to get it via CE Supply.

This universal multi-device charging station isn’t designed to be portable so much as it’s designed to support your portable lifestyle from one location — and (perhaps most important) with only one electrical outlet required to charge up to six devices at one time. That’s incredible, and it’s also likely that you’ll need to buy 14 more of them just to make sure you have everything you need charged up every day (I know you’re addicted to gadgets and have 84 of them on you RIGHT NOW — don’t lie).

What gadgets, you ask? Well, any gadget that might charge by way of a USB cable. That’s about all the compatibility you might need. It’s compact and (perhaps most to my liking) not clunky. There aren’t any proprietary adapters to swap here and there, and so long as the world continues to charge its gadgets by way of USB cables, the MV-UNI-6 will be there for you (plus, it comes with three Micro USB cables)!

I don’t care what you do with the rest of your desk… actually, yes, I do care what you do with the rest of your desk. But let’s remain focused on your productivity — because time is the one thing you can’t get back (no matter how hard you try, though I hear that someone’s working on building a time machine).

Would you rather waste minutes of your life that could better be spent doing other non-trivial tasks instead of fumbling for the right cable and getting it to the perfect position and making sure the gadget doesn’t drop off the desk or… dude, just let this do the work for you. Let it be there when you need it and not annoy neat freaks like me when you don’t.

So I guess what I’m saying is: even if you aren’t a neat freak, I still think the MV-UNI-6 is a neat idea for everyone with a battery-driven device.

Get your own MOBILEVISION Charging Station here (make sure to use coupon code LOCKERG6 for $10 off or 20% off if you decide to get it from CE Supply, instead)!