This is the World’s Okayest Father’s Day Coffee Mug

This is the World's Okayest Father's Day Coffee Mug
Tell Dad he is a-okay in your books with this Father’s Day Coffee Mug. [Image shared by Funny Guy Mugs]
I’m okay; you’re okay; Dad is okay. We may not be so sure about Mom, but her day has passed for the year, anyhow. It is time to show our dads some love. A nice Father’s Day coffee mug ranks right up there with ties as a gifting classic. There are only so many ties a man needs in his life, so if you have been giving the paternal figure in your life ties for a few years you need to switch tracks. I recommend going the route of a great Father’s Day coffee mug.

This particular mug not only tells Dad that you think he is doing a pretty good job; it tells him that he is doing the okayest job possible. Webster defines okay as in a satisfactory manner. This coffee mug indicates that the person holding it performs the duties of a dad so satisfactorily that they are okay to the superlative degree. This is pretty high praise, especially if you happen to be a teenager.

Five Possible Reasons Why Your Dad Needs a Father’s Day Coffee Mug

  • You are a pain in his ass; he needs caffeine in the morning to function.
  • You have driven him to drink; Dad needs somewhere to hide his morning Scotch.
  • If you buy him another tie, he will use it to hang himself in the hall closet.
  • All dads have a collection of washers; now yours has a place to store them.
  • Let’s face it: you can’t afford the motorcycle he really wants.

Is your dad just okay? Tell him it’s a-okay with you with this coffee mug. If your dad is more than just all right, there is no shame in giving him some encouragement to up his game. Either way, with this Father’s Day mug, you have gifting done and done. Nailed it.

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