The Emperor’s New Star Wars Golf Club Covers

The Emperor's New Star Wars Golf Club Covers
Star Wars Golf Club Covers help the Rebellion heroes of the masses invade the game of the Imperial elites. [Image shared by Amazon]
Knowing Darth Dick Cheney’s capacity for unmitigated evil, Emperor Palpatine doesn’t go waterfowl hunting with the former vice president anymore. As he was quoted shortly after the second or seventh “accident” that happened on just one trip:

“Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

So now they’re mutually suspicious, but safer golf buddies. And when they’re on the green of the exclusive Imperial Country Club on Coruscant, they have much to discuss. One topic of conversation is how chic these Star Wars Golf Club Covers look while protecting their prize woods and irons. They both laugh when Palpatine confesses that he always uses the Yoda cover on his putter; Cheney admits that his poor aim (while duck hunting and on the golf course) is deserving of an all-Stormtrooper troop of covers.

Star Wars Golf Club Covers Are Appropriate Whether You Shoot Like Cheney or Putt Like Palpatine

I love the idea of these iconic Star Wars characters, symbols of a series that represents triumph of the everyman over the elite, showing up on the perfectly manicured greens of an exclusive golf course. I realize there are many community courses and that the game is not as elitist as it may have been in the past, but allow me this moment. These Star Wars Golf Club Covers represent a triumph of geekery. We oft-maligned geeks have infiltrated every aspect of modern society — even the upper crust. Viva La Proletariat! Too much? Too much. Let me dial it back a bit. These Star Wars Golf Club Covert are a great way to stand out on the course. Who knows? Cheney might even see you use them and be reminded to call up his old pal Palpatine.

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