Chillow Plus Lets Cooler Heads Prevail

It's Getting Hot in Here, So Use a Chillow Plus!
Chillow Plus is a shortcut to letting cooler heads prevail. [Image shared by Amazon]
Just about every June, sales of the original Chillow and now Chillow Plus begin to rise in the northern hemisphere. Why? Sleeping on a hot pillow is torture that no living soul should have to endure. Now we have the Chillow Plus for even more head cooling utility. What makes the Chillow Plus such a hot commodity when the weather starts to cook? Three things my friend: economy, versatility, and a catchy name.

Energy rates are somewhere between extortionate and highway robbery these days. Air conditioning is an energy hog and not all of us have the option of going solar to defer the costs. Comparatively, the Chillow Plus is an exceedingly low cost alternative to sleepless summer nights. It is also a far sight less intrusive on the environment. Which, you know, cuts down on that whole positive feedback vicious cycle thing.

The way I use my pillow when I sleep can only be described as manifest destiny. I will lay upon the whole damned thing, no matter how big the pillow. My husband refuses to sleep on a pillow case with writing or any kind of pattern. He considers it “too busy” for proper rest. Chillow Plus offers both of us what we need. Bigger than the original, Chillow Plus slips inside your favorite pillow case and even offers longer cooling time with less heft. Velcro and a flexible design mean that you can wrap this cooling wonder around your head in times of headache or mold it to a sunburned back. This, my friends, is a hell of a lot more travel friendly than even a portable AC unit.

Yes, Chillow Plus Has a Mighty Catchy Name

This pillow is chill… oh! Yes the Chillow Plus has a catchy name, which makes it easy to remember as you lie awake in the wee hours of the morning, sweaty on top of your sheets. This is about the time of night you will kick yourself for not giving in and ordering one sooner.

Avoid regret and sleep better; get your own Chillow Plus here!