A Wide and Personal LG 34UM95 Review

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of LG, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. If you’d like to know more about specs and features of the LG 34UM95, I talked about them over here!

For the longest time, I’ve lived with two screens connected to my desktop computer. And despite having the extra pixels, I can’t say that I’ve used a second monitor much for anything apart from secondary needs. Typically, all of my communication windows are placed in this “optional” space — if only to be there (and, yet, out of my direct line of sight). That’s an awful lot of electrical power being used for not an awful lot. I’ve had these two 30″ screens for as long as I’ve lived in this house; they’re almost eight years old.

I use a powerful laptop (as a secondary machine) to edit and crunch video. That’s pretty much its sole purpose, if only because it’s (currently) more powerful than my desktop machine. I don’t have a secondary monitor attached, either — if only because it is somewhat impractical for the space and system modality.

When I was given the opportunity to try the LG 34UM95, I jumped at the chance — if only because I haven’t really upgraded any of my monitors for years, and have been looking to find hardware that would fit my needs on the desktop.

I don’t write reviews by diving into spec sheets, either — because what’s the point? I mean, you can see the numbers elsewhere. What about my experience? Isn’t that what you’re more interested in?

According to the box and documentation, the only current Mac that would be fully compatible with this screen is the new Mac Pro, so the LG 34UM95’s guidelines were the impetus for me to figure out how to upgrade my six-year-old (tried and true) primary desktop system. Unfortunately, a new Mac Pro doesn’t magically appear without having a few more resources on hand.

So I asked a nerdy friend for help. Last night, before we did our popular live “geek out” video together, Jerry Berg helped me unbox and position the LG 34UM95. We were both taken aback by both its size and design; “wide” was the only word that sprang to my lips, and indeed this monitor is very much that. He was jelly. That doesn’t happen often with Jerry.

A Wide and Personal LG 34UM95 Review

This would be one of the best screens to use for editing video — which is something I do every single day (for the vlog channel). After some back-and-forth, we decided it might be worth trying to connect the HDMI cable from my first generation Retina MacBook Pro to the monitor’s HDMI port. This wasn’t necessarily a supported configuration, but we had come that far and his own portable computers weren’t specced as high as mine (apparently).

So, seconds later, we were both staring at an illuminated screen that was vibrant, clean, and… wide. It worked! We ran a few tests, watched videos, and tweaked some in-monitor settings to see what we’d see.

How can I explain what it’s like to go from a wide screen like the LG 34UM95 back to an option that’s not as wide? Well, I definitely felt the pinch when I went to edit last night’s vlog without the monitor connected to the rMBP!

I think that’s my chief takeaway with the product, too. It seemed to have on-board configuration options out the wazoo, but I was more impressed with the boost in screen real estate (and its overall look) than anything. In terms of options out there, for those who are ready to take a step up, stop using two monitors when one wide one would suffice and you aren’t ready for anything larger… it’d be hard to look past what the LG 34UM95 offers.

LG may be suggesting that the product isn’t designed for anything less than the current Mac Pro, but I found it quite workable with my “other” Mac. And, while I appreciate the sharpness of its retina display, I very much appreciate (more) the wideness that the LG 34UM95 provides. Wideosity, perhaps? Well, it sure helps when what you’re doing involves a lot of horizontal scrolling of timelines.

A Wide and Personal LG 34UM95 Review

More to the point? I have two monitors connected to my six-year-old Mac Pro (that has a mini DisplayPort, so I’m going to order a cable to try ‘er with the LG 34UM95 ASAP). Why have two screens to maximize horizontal pixel play when one screen will suffice? By all measurements, moving to the LG 34UM95 will not just maximize my desk’s real estate, but be more power efficient as well.

Yeah, for as much as I use this Mac Pro, I’m confident that moving to the LG 34UM95 will help me save money on my electric bill every month. Isn’t that enough of a reason to make the move?

UPDATE: I found a Mini DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort converter and was able to connect it to the ATI Radeon HD 5870 and get things to work without a hitch… on my old(er) Mac Pro!

My eyes say: “Yes!”

If you want to know more about its specs and features, check out this earlier post about the LG 34UM95.