iPhone vs iPhone 3G Battery Comparison

I have been reading a lot about the upcoming iPhone 3G lately. I currently have the original iPhone, and it has been the best phone that I have ever used. One thing that I have been having trouble finding online is a direct comparison of the battery life of the two phones. Here are my…

Watch TV Online: Hulu.com Opening to Public 3/12/08

For the last few months, I have been a beta tester for Hulu.com. This is a free service where you can watch TV over the Internet. It has tons of programming, including content from FOX and NBC. New and old stuff is all over the Web page. Tomorrow, 3/12/2008, it is going public. You will…

Intel Solid State Drives

Intel just announced it is going to start producing solid state drives. Solid State Drives are hard drives that have no moving parts. They use less power and are more reliable than platter-based hard drives. These new drives will initially release with up to 160 gig capacity. Intel will be competing with Samsung, eventually slashing…

Win a Tide Themed iPod

Tide has announced a contest where you can win one of 34 Tide Themed iPod Classics. This all stems from their talking stain ad during the Superbowl. You upload a photo of you and then do some of their web page editing. They are giving 1,000 pirzes a day. Enter Contest

iPhone Upgrade Released Today

This morning (Feb 5, 2008) Apple has released an upgraded iPhone. This new iPhone is the same as the first but now is upgraded to 16 GB of storage. This new phone is selling for $499 while the 8 GB version remains at $399. Apple 16 GB iPhone Apple has also updated the iPod Touch….

Apple Updates iWeb to 2.0.3

Today Apple has updated IWeb ’08 to version 2.0.3.   This update helps with OSX compatibility.   IWeb is part of the ILife ’08 software package.   If you are running ILife, update today

Apple IWork ’08 Update

Apple today has issued an update for IWork ’08.   This updates the following applications Keynote – This update primarily addresses performance issues shile playing or exporting presentations. Pages – This update addresses compatibility with mac osx Numbers – This update addresses compatibility with mac osx

Digital Photography – My Favorite Links

I love photography.   I have owned many different digital cameras over the years.   While I am researching the latest and greatest, I am now side tracked in thinking about my favorite photography based website.   What are some of your favorites? DPReview.com Bob Adkins Photography http://www.sportsshooter.com/ Steve’s Digicams Canon EOS B&H Photo Video Photobucket Flickr Flukiest