Cubis 2

Stubborn amusement is here once again to brighten your day. You might as well give in. Whether you like it or not, it WILL brighten your day. It’s quite stubborn and shall not be silent. It’ll keep hitting you over the head until you’re enjoying the thrills of colored ice cubes. Today’s gaming interlude is…

Duck! Here Comes Big Brother!

RFID chip maker VeriChip has announced that at least one Canadian hospital has become the first institutional customer of human-implantable radio ID systems. An eWeek article outlines VeriChip’s plans, which include other Canadian hospitals and the US military.

Intel Bites The Bullet

If you listen to Intel’s press releases, everything is rosy and with the launch of quad-core processors in the fourth quarter of this year, everything will be back to rights in the world. Too bad the approximately 10,000 employees to be laid off next Tuesday won’t be around to see it happen.

The IE 7 Beta Strikes Back

Since IE 7 went to RC-1 yesterday, I’ve been hard at work seeing if it made any particular difference in the errors I outlined in my last post about IE 7 Beta 3 (Bye Bye IE 7). And it DID make differences.

Warning: Spin Zone

In a particularly Microsoft-ish move, Amir Majidimehr (VP of Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft) managed to try to deny an earlier report that another feature had been cut from Vista, yet admit that consumers may not get the feature that is supposed to be there. This is according to an article from The Inquirer…

Vista: Come H*** Or High Water

Such is the mindset at Microsoft these days or so it appears. This time, though, the feature axed is not another feature of Vista lost in its inexorable efforts to push the box out the door in time for the Christmas rush. At least, it won’t be a major loss.

Bye Bye IE 7

Yes, it’s true – I’ve had to say goodbye to IE 7 (for now). It’s a case of To Print or Not To Print. My system, it seems, is one of the who-knows-how-many that generate a critical error when trying to print from Outlook 2003 (up to date).

Help? What's THAT?

Ever submit a problem and have the vendor flat out say “It’s not our problem?” It’s more than a little annoying in this day and age. I really thought that the PC universe had evolved beyond that kind of blatant BS. Boy, was I wrong!

Critical: Windows 9x/ME

Well, it had to happen. Ever since Microsoft cut Windows 9x/ME users adrift, people have been holding their breath. We’ve been waiting for that moment when the first serious security threat developed. That is now a reality. Is there hope?

Microsoft Windows Vista Public Beta Released!

Finally! Now all of us not lucky enough to be Microsoft MVPs or rich enough to pay for a rather high-priced MSDN subscription ($2000+) will be able to get our hands on a copy of the new baby from Redmond. At this point, Microsoft must have less than three months to get the final release…