How Safe is Rooting Android Devices?

At, Ryebread761 writes: After almost a month with my Nexus 7, I am beginning to get comfy with Android. (So comfy that I want my contract to end so I can switch to an Android phone…) Anyway, I have seen a few cool things pop up whilst going around the Web consuming Android-related content…

Motorola Droid Razr HD: a Thorough Review

Business professionals in earlier years could be simply identified because they often carried huge briefcases with tons of paperwork inside, daily planners that were bound, and most probably a DynaTAC cellular phone. A number of these brick phones were invented and manufactured by the Motorola Company as early as 1983 to 1994. Unwieldy as it…

Ubuntu Phone

Could Ubuntu Challenge Android and iOS for Smartphones?

The tech world went nuts yesterday over the announcement that a phone version of the popular Ubuntu OS was being developed for release in early 2014. That gives Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu, a year to establish hardware partnerships and develop the mobile operating system to compete head-on with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone….

Will the Buzzing Drive Nexus 4 Users Nuts?

The Google Nexus 4 has had its critics, with their main complaint being the lack of LTE 4G service. Other complaints have included the inability to change out the battery, no micro-SD slot for added storage, and that the camera could have been better. The latest gripe is that there is a buzzing noise when…