So, who’s got the right stuff in the first ever Penguin Shell Quiz?

A quick summary seems in order. The problem was simple – how do you count only
the .html files in a server directory? The prize was cool – a Lockergnome
T-Shirt provided by the guys at Fullbrain Technologies. With more than 200 entries, the
winner is …

(drum roll ….) H.B. Taylor

with his submission:

ls *.html | wc -l

This command counts the *.html files in the current directory, piping the output

to wc. wc counts the lines and returns the correct number. Many of you included
the -l option to the ls command. While it doesn’t really hurt the process, it’s
not quite to the level of elegance I was looking for. In other words, it’s more
than we needed to accomplish the task. Congratulation, H.B. Don’t forget to send

us a picture in the new Lockergnome T-Shirt for inclusion on our webcam page.

I got possibly the best toy ever recently. You’ll remember that I’d mentioned
the Sharp Zaurus in more than one previous Penguin Shell issue. It’s the
Linux-based PDA that’s recently won the Product of the Year award from Linux Journal. I
promised, at the time, that I’d try to secure one for review in Penguin Shell.
Well, after receiving virtually no response from Sharp, I broke down and bought
the last unit at the local Best Buy. It was the floor model and has a few minor
dings, but it works like a charm. For the past week, I’ve been syncing, surfing,

listening to tunes, watching movies, and, just for the fun of it, ssh’ing into
my machine at home to check my email – all from this cutting-edge silver wonder
that even MSNBC called a desktop computer in a palm-sized form factor. Tomorrow,

we’ll start a comprehensive review of the Zaurus, including all the critical specs, software and
configuration issues that might help you with a future buying decision. I’ll
save the details for the review, but I’ll tell you now that it’s every good
thing you’ve heard and more.

I will, by the way, have the Zaurus with me at Gnomedex this weekend. We’ll be
living in a wireless cloud courtesy of Proxim. With a Compact Flash wireless ethernet card, the
Zaurus will provide the platform from which I’ll keep those Penguin Shell
subscribers not in attendance up to date on the events. Yep – I’m going to
compose and post the Penguin Reports on Thursday and Friday from the Zaurus.

If I only had a camera card …

Have a great Monday.

See you in Des