Printers and Linux. Ouch! Printers! This can be a sore spot for many people after spending $200 on that all-in-one fax/copier/scanner/printer that they just cannot seem get to work in Linux. In many cases it’s because part of the software necessary for making them work is embedded in Windows – this allows the manufacturer to spend a bit less on hardware – but has the effect of tying one to Windows. However, there are printers that work!

I, myself, use an HP LaserJet 6 purchased at a swap meet. For faxing I use a fax machine, and for copying? The local mail service store. Those all-in-ones may be cheap, but, well, that is exactly what they are. So maybe one day I’ll get a scanner, but for now, I have no need and my LaserJet 6 runs perfectly well. This Gnomie’s recommendation is to do some research before you buy and don’t buy that thing just because the sticker price looks good. Buy based on knowledge and need.