I happened to be watching CNN last night when Lou Dobbs did a segment on outsourcing. To great effect, Lou relayed the heat he’s taken for being vehemently opposed to the practice of outsourcing work overseas. I was amazed to hear the venom that was spewed towards his views.

He relayed how the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger got off a good one with “It’s as if whatever made Linda Blair’s head spin around in ‘The Exorcist’ had invaded the body of Lou Dobbs and left him with the brain of Dennis Kucinich.” Pretty funny stuff, if it weren’t so laughably stupid. Perhaps someone should outsource Henninger’s job to India so we could see how he feels about it, as he stands in the line at the soup kitchen for his bowl of retched green pea soup.

I don’t often find myself agreeing with the media, but Lou’s views on outsourcing are right on the money. Lou threw down the gauntlet when he stated “Frankly, I would love to be proved wrong in my views, and I would gladly change my position, if only my critics would answer a few questions factually, empirically and straightforwardly.”

His three points on outsourcing need to be answered: “One: How many more jobs must we lose before they become concerned about our middle class and our strength as a consumer market? Two: When will the U.S. have to quit borrowing foreign capital to buy foreign goods that support European and Asian economies while driving us deeper into debt? Three: What jobs will our currently 15 million unemployed workers fill, where and when?”

One American company outsourcing jobs–such as IT or call center functions–to another American company within American shores? I don’t have a problem with that. But outsourcing American jobs overseas is bad news. Keeping the jobs here, rather than outsourcing to another country isn’t protectionist, it’s patriotic.

And more so, curbing overseas outsourcing is just good business.