Why did you spin-off the Short Consulting related content in Our Life and create chrisshort.net? Couldn’t you have just added a blog to the Short Consulting web site?

Yes, I could have added a news section to the Short Consulting web site using a content management system or some form of blog software. It makes sense that if you want to provide news about a business’s clients to put that news on the business web site. But what happens when you want to add technical help within that news section? What happens when you want to rant a little bit about technology and the ways of the Internet?

If you do that in the news section of a company’s web site you’ve either created editorial commentary or just went off-topic and potentially irritated clients with your banter. Creating an additional web site to handle this news and editorial content makes sense.

The Short Consulting web site needs to stay lean and mean. The Short Family Web Site is large and covers a wide variety of topics. The need to separate business content from family content has grown almost as quickly as Short Consulting’s client base and the Short Family Web Site’s traffic increase.

There is also a need to build an environment specifically related to Chris Short and Chris Short alone. The World Wide Web has quickly become a part of me and my future. My own personal corner of the web makes sense.

Couldn’t you have just included your technical insight and assistance on the Short Family Web Site – Bits and Bytes section?

Yes, I could have done that too. However, the family web site needs to move in the direction of a family web site, not a technical site. A technical site with the phrase, “family web site” in it isn’t going to carry much weight in the technical community now is it? UPDATE (JAN 2005): Plus, all of that content is now here at chrisshort.net.

Hopefully this answers everybody’s questions. If you’d like to get updates whenever chrisshort.net has new content please use the subscribe form on the chrisshort.net home page.