reports on an unconfirmed rumour – I’d just like to stress the ‘unconfirmed’ in case any trouble arises from this – that yet another pile of classified documents has been pinched from Valve‘s servers. This time, it’s the script for Half-Life 2 that has gone walkabouts, apparently released onto the web, although obviously you’d have to be a big dumb jerk to actually read it and spoil the whole game for yourself. The report goes on to state that those absent-minded silly billies at Valve accidentally released the script via the Steam distribution system. Absent-minded… or absent-minded like a FOX?

Question is, will Valve use this incident as another excuse to delay their game for another year? Is there even a game at all, or just a bunch of screenshots mocked up with 3D render programs? Are Valve just a bunch of dopey twits, or deviously cunning Machiavellians? Only time will tell.