Is your company overrun with faxes? A fax server could be the answer to your prayers. These handy devices allow you to quickly and painlessly send and receive a high volume of faxes. A quality fax server will make high-quality transmissions with just a mouse click, while incoming faxes are automatically routed to the proper recipient. And best of all, it happens without anyone leaving their seat to walk to the printer or fax machine …

Any competent fax server will allow you to store all of your frequently called numbers in one central database. “Gee Louie, why didn’t you tell me that you were looking for the fax number for Acme … I had it right here on my desk.” You’ll save countless hours by virtue of this simple measure, rather than hunting down those same fax numbers, over and over.

When your faxes go out digitally with a fax server, you’ll end the complaints of illegible faxes on the receiving end. “Yeah, Jane at Acme said it looked like someone had spilled coffee on the copy she got. I wonder why?” Digital faxes are crisp and clear.

When the faxes come into your place, they’ll end up in the right mailbox, instantly. “Hey, has anyone seen a fax from Acme? I’ve been waiting for it all day.” “Oh, was that the one that got jammed in the machine (right after I spilled my coffee)?” With automatic routing, those lost faxes will be a thing of the past. And even better, those confidential faxes will go to the right place without any prying eyes.

Other popular time-savers include group faxing and automatic retry. Add it all up and you’ll save a boatload of time and resources.

Faxing from an individual computer has become a given. But it’s a big step up when you need one solution to work for the entire office.

There are scads of companies in the fax server marketplace. Some of the more popular products include: Equisys Zetafax, BroadFax, Captaris RightFax, Streem, GFiFAXmaker, Esker Fax, and Biscom FAXCOM.